The Biggest Lie Told To Aspiring Spanish Speakers

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The Biggest Lie Told To Aspiring Spanish Speakers

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"Immersion Spanish" by: William Murphy
Author - Break Out Of Academic Spanish
The hard copy book taught with classes on line
One very important thing you should know about Immersion Spanish is that they are the two most abused two words in all the world of Spanish teaching. It seems like everyone believes that their Spanish methodology encompasses a form of immersion within its content. Actually content has nothing to do with it; nor does methodology for that matter.
There is only one immersion and that is True Immersion. Everything else is a far cry from the "actual thing" and you can expect results that will be all but worthless in your quest to learning a respectable command of the Spanish language. Bueno, so what is TRUE IMMERSION SPANISH and how does it work.
First, what is True Immersion Spanish?
A period of time, usually one month, where the student LITERALLY does not speak, read, write or hear one single word of English (There are courses out there that can guarantee this.)
Why does it work?
The idea is to trick the brain into believing that the English language has disappeared so as to push the brain in to a sort of survival mode. Your brain knows that you need to communicate with other people in order to survive and is very correct to think so. So when survival is the issue, the brain will open up and learn (with full force) the only language available which, in this case, will be Spanish.
The brain is a lazy organ and knows of no good reason to learn a 2nd language. With immersion you are actually fooling your brain into believing that learning Spanish is not only mandatory, but critical to your survival as well. When this happens your brain will rise to the occasion and start learning in earnest instead of fighting the process.
Who most benefits from a Spanish immersion course?
I recommend students have at least 6 months of dedicated study before they attend the Spanish immersion course we make available. Without a good base to work from, the returns are somewhat limited and when one considers the travel and expense involved in participating in a true immersion course, it is well advised to get the most for your money as they say.
About the Break Out of Academic Spanish Immersion Course:
We are located in Medellin, Colombia and offer the immersion course here in Colombia so you would have to some to South America. We have a house located in Jardin, Antioquia where you will be living during your immersion study. There are only three people in the town that speak English and they are under strict orders not to speak to any of the students in anything but Spanish, so that you will not HEAR, SPEAK, WRITE OR READ not even one single word in English. Every day there are things to do like hiking, horseback riding and exotic bird watching (Jardin claims to have some of the rarest of tropical birds in its rain forests), so there will be plenty to talk about. We actually have a resident bird connoisseur for those who have the patience for this peculiar pastime. On a personal note, I promise you the visit of a lifetime in addition to learning a ton of Spanish. The Latin culture is a very special experiences and nowhere more so than here in Colombia. This is a great way to learn Spanish
The course is very affordable as you will see. Please contact us through the web site for dates and availability
Thanks for reading
William Murphy
Author of Break Out Of Academic Spanish
How To Speak Spanish
The Hard copy book with classes on line
Finding good Spanish tutor, a good Spanish phrase book, a Spanish verb conjugation book and a good Spanish dictionary are always recommended. When you want to study abroad look into an immersion Spanish course which we offer.
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