If I only knew then what I know now…

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If I only knew then what I know now…

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William Murphy
Author - Break Out Of Academic Spanish Now - The hard copy book taught with classes on line.

I have lived with my wife and daughter in Medellin Colombia for the past 7 years and chirp away in Spanish every day. Before Colombia I spent 3 years in Cuba where I learned how to speak Spanish the hard way and by that, I mean by pretty much endlessly embarrassing myself in public. Here is just one of the several things I wish someone had shared with me before I started on my journey to learning Spanish

Traditional wisdom, logic and common sense would have you think that a native speaker of Spanish would make a better professor. I couldn't disagree more.

I suggest that (at first) you find a bi-lingual Gringo to learn Spanish and use a Latino for the job later. Here is why I, (in spite of the obvious conflict of interest) suggest a Bi-lingual Gringo over a Latino person to start your studies. A Latin person can empathize with you but will never really understand your dilemma like the Gringo because the Latin person has just never had to learn Spanish as a second language and this, you will find, makes all the difference in the word.
Very simply put, the gringo has been where you are now. i.e. He or she has confronted the same challenges that you face and for that reason has a better understanding of what and why you do (or do not) understand certain material in Spanish. The bi-lingual Gringo also knows ahead of time what is likely to trip you up or worse. Later in the process, after you have attained a respectable command of the Spanish language, the Latino is the better choice as you now need more refinement in your studies and less basic instruction.
To learn more about me, my learning techniques, my methodology and how easy learning Spanish can be, please drop me a line at www.BreakOutOfAcademicSpanishNow.com.

1.I love Forrest Gump 'cause heeeeee taaalks liiiike thiiiiiiiis which makes understanding him much easier. Also the movie is broken into short stories which keeps you, the student, from being overwhelmed by two hours of ongoing material. Additionally, all the time tenses are well covered as the movie moves from the past, to the present, and on to the future on a regular basis.

2. Study the materials you already know first. It is worth noting that both Spanish and English come from Latin so there are literally thousands of Spanish words that are the same in English. Make it easy for yourself and begin here.

3. Remember the 80:20 rule. 20% of all language makes up 80% of its usage so concentrate on the 20% that you will most often be using instead of giving equal weight to all parts of Spanish.

4. Remember, we learn with: Our eyes (reading); our ears (hearing); our mouths (speaking) and our hands (writing), so try and use all four whenever possible. Unlike English, reading and writing in Spanish is made simple because all the letters of the alphabet (99% of the time) only have one sound. So, it's a good idea to get on line and start connecting with Latin speakers as soon as possible. Latin is a wonderful culture, as you will soon find out and Latin people are glad to help. This is a great way to learn Spanish.

5. Study the parts of Spanish first that are similar in structure to English. This material will be much easier to learn as your English speaking brain is already accustomed to this organization and format. You will have time to learn the harder stuff later when you have a more respectable level of Spanish.

6. Finding good Spanish tutor, a good Spanish phrase book, a Spanish verb conjugation book and a good Spanish dictionary are always recommended. When you want to study abroad look into an immersion Spanish course which we also offer.
Thanks for reading

William Murphy
How To Speak Spanish
Break Out Of Academic Spanish Now
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